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UNLOCK MY WORDS is not ending, in fact, it’s growing.  We’re rebuilding out website to share our podcasts and posts online for you. We are also growing our video blog and live offerings.  Look forward to more information on my other topics “Podcast in a Day” and “The New Debt”.

As you may know, WORDS matter to me.  I truly believe that the words we choose directly affect our success in life and relationships.  I’m sad to share with you that the UNLOCK MY WORDS app will be terminated in the coming weeks.  It’s simply economics, and the APP is too expensive for what I can afford to maintain today.

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While I’m disappointed the APP needs to go away temporarily, I’m truly excited for that these next few months of sharing will bring for both you and I.  Together, our little words will influence big change in the world!

“Zack” Shane Hewitt

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Changing the world one little word at a time.  Join us now.


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  • Self Sabotage

    Are your words your own worst enemy? Unlock your potential and free your inner dialogue

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FUN. It’s a little word, that we tend to use inaccurately these days.  Is it because we’ve lost the meaning of FUN?  Or because it’s short and easy to say?  That part, I don’t know.  I think it’s because we’re afraid of the bigger conversation, and the slightly bigger word we’re replacing.  Because admitting that

A Christmas Challenge

Are you up for a Christmas Challenge?  I challenge you to give the littlest big gift of all.  You have the opportunity hundreds of times each day, let’s do it!

Political Correctness Hurts Us

Let’s make a pact, drop expectation and instead be ourselves.  We find this very apparent with “Political Correctness”.  It’s not helping, in fact, I think it’s hurting us.

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  • Feel Understood and in harmony
  • My office is a sports therapy treatment office.  We uphold the highest standards and innovation in regards to treatment, so Zack was a great fit to increase our level of service.  Zack was referred to my by a client, and since we began his presentations, the staff at Elite Sports Therapy have not only enjoyed more success with clients and our culture here in the clinic, but have been able to take these tools home to their personal lives.  I've spent time with Zack, and I've learned that the little words really can change your life!

    Murray Heber Elite Sports Therapy
  • As training manager of a world-class fitness centre, Zack joined my team for a presentation on "Words".  Zack's ability to speak comfortably in front of an audience, and present topics that resonated with my team was incredible.  My staff have been connecting with their clients, listening and performing better in all aspects of our services.  The result is improved client retention, and increased trust in our office culture.  Thanks Zack!

    Jackie Cooney Talisman Centre

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