It’s a little word, that we tend to use inaccurately these days.  Is it because we’ve lost the meaning of FUN?  Or because it’s short and easy to say?  That part, I don’t know.  I think it’s because we’re afraid of the bigger conversation, and the slightly bigger word we’re replacing.  Because admitting that we’re not happy, can be a scary, scary thing.

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Connect with Clients Part 1

Client care can be difficult.  But there are a few key words to apply here, and it will help you navigate the proper solution.  Perspective, fear, truth and accuracy.

adminConnect with Clients Part 1
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A Christmas Challenge

Are you up for a Christmas Challenge?  I challenge you to give the littlest big gift of all.  You have the opportunity hundreds of times each day, let’s do it!

adminA Christmas Challenge
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Political Correctness Hurts Us

Let’s make a pact, drop expectation and instead be ourselves.  We find this very apparent with “Political Correctness”.  It’s not helping, in fact, I think it’s hurting us.

adminPolitical Correctness Hurts Us
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The Biggest Secret First

What is the most important part of being successful on the radio?  Reliable.  But that’s only one small piece of the puzzle.

adminThe Biggest Secret First
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